É nas camadas do tempo que melhor me situo; é onde a infinitesimal pobreza de ser nascido de dentro de mim e não só de alguém, me faz início e fim em mim. Por arquivo não me incluo na nostalgia do que pude ter sido, por fantasia também não e nunca tenho remorso que não do que está para vir. Esse modo de olhar por entre, direto, tangente, rasante, inquieto, insaciável, é o meu declínio e queda; é a minha âncora inter dimensional, onde nem o presente me inclui por certo e o futuro ainda me exclui de dentro.


February 19, 2019

Just like a pendulum, oscillating weight into the final position, by my thrust and, gravity.


January 9, 2018

Your truth is a lie you tell humanity until the day you don’t need it anymore. In that extinguishing moment, regret takes the place of gravity and the ascension to eternity its just a mere weight of loss. I am weightless.


September 10, 2017

Personal trainer therapy and companion day. I was the therapist…

Strengthening both, core, upper, lower body and building. Lots of weights, dumbbells, bad faces and sweat. Testosterone to the max!… while beautiful @catarinaplr observed peacefully and took front place in the crowd to see the feud of manhood assemble and disassemble the equipment needed.

Oh what a joy, the numbers pilling up and the pain of tomorrow ever so present.

Great day of gym workout. Thank you #FonsecaPT

February 16, 2017

Upper body strength. Arms, chest, core.

A little bit of running, enjoying the need to get HR down by stage training.

High intensity and short distances. Low weights and longer repetitions. Very personalised workout in order to keep getting ready for the big challenges of summer and swimming in open sea.

February 13, 2017

Strength training.

Simple and much needed. The body response is invigorating and compulsory to the prerequisite I have in mind. A fortress.

Gathering the time to strengthen the deficit of years of intolerable practices I feel the alignment of the main items unfold in the dissection of pain and discomfort into regret.

No more.

February 1, 2017

Carrying the weight of so many worlds makes me a galaxy of commitment and of the expected doom.


July 3, 2015