Vivemos onde, no mesmo sítio que se fala da falta, se vende o excesso; onde, sinalizada a fome, a doença e a morte, permanece o egoísmo, a fantasia e o vício. A sociedade como sistema não tem mais surpresas, pelo menos daquelas que julgamos nem sequer existir e no final, são a rotina de todos, sem exceção.

Vivo e falo por mim, e mesmo assim, junto-me às regras do jogo para poder deixar algo melhor para alguém.

A mudança já não chega, revolução é temporária, violência nunca foi solução. É preciso uma nova posição.


July 26, 2021

Considering terms, concepts and conditions, conveys me to a state of extremely focused attention to the otherwise neglecting state of human reality.

This meta profusion of my sentient self deep into layers of significance and descriptive narratives proposes new definitions to prior meanings.

Rumination is one of the most important processes on this system of positioning the individual. Is there a possibility for a collective rumination or is it called a forum…? Either way, the importance of this process cannot be neglected, and should be trained as a positive methodology of alignment and basic mental competence.

June 22, 2021

The amount we waste on nothing, when all we need is time.

Usually spent on frivolous entertainment, without any visible result, uncompromising and disposable informational sessions of pure nothing.

Spend more time on your self, your close family and friends, on your education, training and position.

March 11, 2021

Life is not a binary implementation of a past vision, of values and hysterical societies. Life is a multiple set of layers, opportunities and experimental at its core, in which individuals positions fundamental decisions about existence and absence.

September 27, 2020

I thrive in the relation of art, architecture and design. This relates with the core of my academic training and flourishes from authorship in a concentric structure of eccentric pluridimensional formations.

Positioning architecture and design is engineering and technology.

Positioning design and art is ethics and philosophy.

Position art and architecture is anthropology and politics of production.

Superpositioning all is space and the time I construKt for myself.

mind map

In the core you’ll find ingenuity.

July 28, 2020

We are either for or against, pro or contra, agree or disagree…!

Consider this : you are 50% predictable and so is the other part.

Consider this : do something innovative, unexpected, arrogantly humble and simple.

Consider this instead of numerous predictable actions, mostly historically based point of views immediately obsolete from the start, in which you can only state the obvious. Everybody knows the outcome of our actions by now. We have sufficient data to know the result of most of our behaviours and yet we keep expecting a different result repeating over and over the same procedure…

For a moment, think on how you can stop racesexgender discrimination, inequality, privilege, patriarchy, etc… with something as simple as a whisper, inaction, color, overall kindness, rest, ecology, pedagogy and most of all with proper training!!! … An infinite number of advanced techniques of human and social engagement with one another instead of the usual escalation of despair and aggressiveness.

Take a step back, or even better, take a steep without any known direction and stop. Think ominously and reflect on that sensation of engulfing the energy from life itself just to give it all away! Once, to the ones who are not yet prepared to know how to receive it ( or achieve it ) and repeat till the day you become dust.

Rest, and become an agent of the unknown, of the absence of classification.

Binary is not enough to make it worth.

Evolve into the polinary state of your self.

June 8, 2020