Escaping time in a limited space

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January 29, 2019

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February 10, 2018

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January 25, 2018

Landsliding and the careful discovery of the deeper layers of intervention in anything around me.


May 7, 2016


January 2, 2015

The comfort of a friendly hug.
The slightly soft touch on the hand.
A strong yet reassuring shaken hair from a stroke of an enigmatic warm care.
The thumb questioning the temperature of the face while the other fingers direct themselves unquestionably to the ear.
A vast and faustus open chest of acceptance and strength, healthy, wealthy and silky as milk dripping from it towards the subliminal bones of the hip.
The mass of the thick thighs in their most inner intimate and arousing section of desire.
The arched backs of experience and discovery.
The remarkable unapproachable and undeniable presence of a sexual sensual seductive dominance of immodest arrogant truth.
The sight of a chiseled chin and jaw sculpted from irrational testosterone evolved with the tools of the awakening.
The need to leave without the need of an arrival.
The quantum dissecting eyes of construction and endless words.
The skull visible from the most common places of nowhere.
The need to fight to achieve and dominate power with control and manipulation of the valuable.
Restless and eternal.
I am what I see of me.


January 1, 2015