People fight, when there’s a leader.

They thrive on motive, prevail within acknowledgements and evolve on adversity.

They adjust and comply, when following a beacon they recognize as familiar, resounding their present reality with safety and the recognition of a common place.

Only then I’m pointing at home, aiming the light of all those emitters as the projection of one single ray of time in our history.

March 21, 2020

First stroke spontaneous genius demands more than a life of hard work and preparations. This is commonly mistaken with talent, while only dedication, failure, perseverance and acknowledging methodology is the necessary key to achieve simplicity, the one of the approach.

When this spiritual awakening translates on to my own personal unsettling and restless mindset.

August 19, 2019

Humble arrogance is an honest way to see one self detracted from the feud of hypocritical humility in which the world seems to settle human character.


March 5, 2019

Today, is just another date to forget.

Today I remember that clear moment, past and true, when the story took a decisive and enlightening stroke of awareness and energy towards a glorious reflection. I saw nothing but the wrongful choices of a possible and brighter future and therefore I acted accordingly.

That direction, the one established to my greatest ambition, could not be proven in that observed path of self and acknowledgeable destruction. Eternity must be achievable while I am alive and can enjoy the glory of life, learning how to die.

I still have to endure this times of final change, this times when a mature and improved self is ready to take part of the grand take.

I am writing a story with the thinnest and lightest calligraphy health can provide. I am what I eat, what I drink and what I can achieve physically, through and into myself.

Today is the day I remember my future.

June 8, 2017