October 18, 2019

The Time(s) of Contemporaneity | Curso Colectivos Pláka #cultura #porto #palaciodoscorreios #historicity #art #critic #what #is #now #thirdbody (at Palácio dos Correios)

July 26, 2018

Life did not made me exactly into who I am now. Instead, it brought me to where I am standing, beholding this words. In the same way, what I do, is not a question for others to answer. It is made of, and by, my restless demand for a new why, pursued in every moment I am capable to absorb, and be aware of, my surroundings. Most important of all, is the end I gave to how I want to do what I am. And always, distribute a coherent and intense passion for the path I am capable to taught myself, on how to live life, learning how to die.


February 14, 2018

The tenacity of overcoming the frustrating feat. The need to prove I will, by will alone, and that will is the key to overcome.

I want to enjoy every second of pain, frustration and commitment to me and to the help I have. I deserve and I am obliged to comply to the resentment of achievement.

No will may fail while never is only too late.

September 28, 2016

Choose what you want to see until there’s no space left for bullshit.


January 15, 2016