#reflection #night #day #red #blue #sky #porto #art #gallery #painting #magic #hour #walk #street #omw #orange #mirror #storefront #sillouette #ocaso #lusco #sunset (at Rua Miguel Bombarda / Porto Art District)

December 9, 2018

#reflections #reflex #mirror #selfie #selfish #container #wood #brick #dirt #rock #legs #window (at Porto, Portugal)

May 5, 2018

Eu magoo, eu inflijo em todos o que mais cruel existe neles. Sou a personificação do medo que existe no reflexo pessoal da vida de cada um.. Mais do que somente o tonto que anui com o medíocre estado de estar sem ser…


February 5, 2018

Take care of the things you need. Ignore the surplus of life. Gather experiences with the ones who have a role in you. Enjoy the simplest smile you see in the mirror. Overcome anxiety with elegance and poise. Collect nothing you cannot carry with others. Live life learning how to die, and become eternal.


February 22, 2016

I can see until there’s is no light left inside of you and still I don’t see beyond my own bones.

I think that’s because I don’t know what to see or even what to look for. Maybe I can see everything in others because i don’t take enough time doing the same medical therapeutic prescription on myself.

I see clearer than others except when I’m on front of the mirror.

There I enter a spiral of thoughts absorbing all my brain cells in the search of everything but me.

When I can control that void of me I can start to see fragments, reflections and blurs which from the skin create a perfect and clear vision of what I have made myself look to all of you. The bumps, imperfections, depressions and scars are meticulously cared with the pride of nostalgia or the arrogance of the achievement.

I am a reasonably resonant man and I have reasons to state it unequivocally when I can see it.

This conglomerate of intentions, doubts, and irrelevance from within can only be autism, maybe an advanced form of denial but still, autism.


September 15, 2015