Considering terms, concepts and conditions, conveys me to a state of extremely focused attention to the otherwise neglecting state of human reality.

This meta profusion of my sentient self deep into layers of significance and descriptive narratives proposes new definitions to prior meanings.

Rumination is one of the most important processes on this system of positioning the individual. Is there a possibility for a collective rumination or is it called a forum…? Either way, the importance of this process cannot be neglected, and should be trained as a positive methodology of alignment and basic mental competence.

June 22, 2021

Da vontade de retirar o gozo dos processos humanos de negociação só posso afirmar que : quem não sabe o que são, está correto, quem precisa deles, está patologicamente inclinado para a solidão e quem os usa consciente da sua inaptidão precisa de traduzir-se em micro interações de afetos para ser entendido.


January 31, 2019

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October 24, 2018


Simplicity, as the mean to achieve a resolute answer, is not a comforting word. It may seem easy or even simple but I can assure you that it has the weight of self intolerance within.

As a measure it’s a definite ambition, without reach except for the use of a supreme sacrifice, material or intellectual, towards an endangered classification as abnormal and inhuman in the eyes of others. As a class, retains as a practice the unattainable spectre of universal access by the lack of proper definition in daily life by commons.

Provided inside the meaning comes a misleading notion of less, few, a minor quantity or quality of something and the easiness of access. Wrong is not enough of a word to describe the depth of this mistake. Simplicity is the ultimate deconstruction, only the visible part of the concept most people think as achievable by assuming less is more. They are wrong.

More is what’s included in the methodology of the supposed less.

Example: I have, for a long long time now, being able to simplify my life in relation to knowledge and cientific research, therefore I “know” less? Of course not, the fact I can propose this simple question reflects the rational abstraction, trained and absorbed as a practice, to affirmatively say I live embedded in simplicity.

Definitive answers are broadly mistaken by the same people who take them as providence. People search for the easiest path, the one of least resistance and of inhuman course of action. They facilitate the extinction of intrinsic characteristics in human evolution as curiosity, trust in exterior knowledge, and detract the mundane by not focused on nothing more than their own (unknown?) faults. A specialist is a specialist and should be able the be taken as the unmistakable figure of knowledge and simplicity. He is there to simplify the access to something I, as an outsider to his knowledge, must accept as true and a valid ally of my specific need. That is not the case in most situations, as you are mislead to BELIEVE in the specialist rather than to TRUST in the specialist.

This are the moments in which addiction comes to mind and reveals people’s false faith in your own competency, character, humanity.

Wouldn’t it be so simply to compromise ourselves with what we truly want others to see in us? Why are people so complicated while believing otherwise?

The answer lies in simplicity and the lack of it, therefore.


October 17, 2018


Eu consigo fazer o mundo brotar, desde a pele que te cobre, à minha que sobra. É possível que seja uma boa altura para parar, até porque não há quem consiga fazer igual. Melhor, com certeza, mas ainda não vi ninguém copiar.

Dar a vez, por vez, ser a forma de retribuir ao mundo aquilo que nunca pedi, nem recebi, ou tive que ter para ser e servir o propósito de ser, ser. Deslocar-me para deixar passar, nem pensar; pensar, melhor é e faço, quando subo e puxo por tudo comigo, quando levo esse peso do umbigo dos outros e o deixo por aí, nú.

Daqui, verte uma substância invisível, inodora, e que convida o ónus a entrar. Substitui-se em todos os poros por novos topos, antes ocos, agora cheios mas não só de espaço; para voltar a encher, com o que ainda não faz falta, e que sei será pouco, efectivamente necessário para tudo o que faço chegar ao mundo.

Desse momento que só me interessa a mim, proponho um início que peca por ser só peça, a peça. É tão forte que dura, penetra e emana de dentro, ardente e não pouco, mas sobejamente, destrói o que ainda se mantinha real. Descarta em mim sentido, pele, carne, tudo passa a ser essa engrenagem normal, que me mata em ser capaz de ver-me a mim capaz de tudo.

E ninguém nota, sente ou vê, como me matam sem eu gritar a dor que me inflijo.

June 6, 2018

Raciocinar @ acionar o rácio entre a razão e a importância da paixão na intensidade do contexto, o que damos à nossa própria vida. A capacidade de gerir objectivos e ambições, desde o meu alcance ao pragmatismo objetivo, quanto, e até, ao mais íntimo empírico diário de ser como eu.


April 29, 2018

Raciocinar @ acionar o rácio entre a razão e a importância da paixão na intensidade do contexto, o que damos à nossa própria vida. A capacidade de gerir objectivos e ambições, desde o meu alcance ao pragmatismo objetivo, quanto, e até, ao mais íntimo empírico diário de ser como eu.


April 29, 2018

Persistence @ an ambitious, while fair, delirious pervasive persuasion of eternity and a remarkable brand. A simple thought thriving on the way I live learning how to engage in the advancement of a bigger percentage of use of my brain into the life of all.


April 22, 2018

Knowledge and how humans apply it, passed from being too platonic, to a pure intelectual sodomy and igneous prevarication, all in the name of a few false fakes and posers.


February 13, 2018

I live in the inescapable loop of curiosity and self wonderment. My thirst for knowledge is easily surpassed by my gift of indexation and by the competent habilitation to construct a myriad of stories around me. All are true, and made of a systematic approach into a critical creative content. I develop not only the selected content but mainly the people who I choose and prove themselves ready for this opportunity to learn how to become eccentric parts of this ceremonial profession.


February 7, 2018


Once I saw a little and fragile girl, leaning on her confounded side of awareness. She was envisioning a life of achievements, goals, usually, easily obtained by conformity and the clear presumption of the end result, happiness.

She was tactile, still and sensing the disturbances, thus synesthetic on the absorption of reality, and deeply committed to be more than her inherent legacy, but… She was compromised, within herself, with her family, around friends and inside lovers. She was a miscellaneous vulture, a cumbersome form of residue, latent, wrongly grinding desire from the flow of cope and flow again.

Normal, but abnormal in spectrum. Lasciviously laying on lies. Her. Without me. Just her, her world and her surroundings. Her.

I saw her, by the time I needed more of me. The time I had though of having, was entirely spent on her, this way I lost the time I had envisioned for me, but I take it as just a choice, never a regret, never. It’s preventative, as a diffuse understatement, and usually misunderstood (this way I can be more of me trough the ones that are unreasonably selfish about selfishness and altruism) but I can fulfill my needs from the inversion of care. I can feed my eyes from the sights of their success and her’s was, and still is, particularly satisfying. Still today, the pride of both of us tyrants, comes from the acknowledgement of self construction and premeditated evolution, self inflicted by her and inner felt from me. This is also the genesis of a conundrum, a fate of eternity among perennials. A mixed manner of saying a lot.

An osmosis, between entities and factual as of scientific evidence, and broader, and more intrusive into mundanes than ever. The clarity, of dedication and determination is surpassed only by the baffles of arrogance that bristles the cheeks of the privileged and satisfyingly nude audience. The gain, is even distorted by the gravity of the phenomenon and affects the world in the axis of homogenic alignment, with the strength of oddity and desire, for a delapidated consistent destruction. The proportions, are unmeasurable in every known distance of competence, interaction and result. The terror, resides in truth and is not enough to comply with the validation of the dimensional singularly in which both of us are aware of what we are aware of, and each other… And more, way more, including levels of engaging experiences, shared essentials and legacies of all the new tyrants in the form.

This is and can be described as descendance. This is and can be found in the depths of history as superiority. This is not a state of anthropological layers and absurd structures of mere humans. This is not arrogance and small decoys as most desire it to be. This is humble and pure, a pack of selected horde of performers, misunderstood in the beginning but revolving the facts of suffering and classification onto the power of strength and tokens of choices. The frey.

She is the first born from herself. A generated continuous cycle, a gravitic, forward and accelerating loop of consistent theorems and research of inhumanity. Her, simply a her. Powerfully pulling matter, spitting galaxies into chaos by care, exultation, disdain from and beyond reasons why. Vibrant, beaming.

I’m caught in a beam, that beam. Maybe I am the beam? Maybe I am the initial tractor beam that polarized her belief in change! Surely, I was the guidance of question… The retribute of many, many questions and focus, and orientation and true North. Nothing more. The job was done as it needed to start, by herself. And did. I saw it. Day after day, night, success, failure, defeat, win, small, new, big, strange, bitter, sweet, mine.

Now I know, engulfed by the shadow she projects to protect me from myself, that I will fade into the oblivion of talent and foreseable disruption she and her’s alike condoned me to live. In my own search for the best way to obsolescence, I am the old tyrant she thinks she is and more are forging themselves to the legion of their own sight. They are here to her, not me.


November 29, 2017

Disappointment brings information and knowledge from the causer.


October 17, 2017

What can you do when you know what?


October 4, 2017

What can you do when you know what?


October 4, 2017

When you don’t do something with what you know you’re just a sediment of the past, but when you process doubts into singular connections of knowledge and enlightenment you can be the partner of the future.


October 1, 2017

The world must not reward knowledge by itself, but reward the ones who use it back to the world.


August 29, 2017

I know nothing of everything. I´m not an expert.



August 3, 2017

Legs. Stronger than ever and happy to submit to pain.

Acknowledging the weakest points of the weakest points is a new focus of macro importance. Being able to cope with the constant evolution and all the recent achievements means I have to search deeper into the reasons why I can or cannot be better, need to or not do at all.

This nano mitochondrial approach brings the perfect context for self knowledge and body and mind awareness in order to make the experience greater and more successful. More importantly, it makes the experience uniquely adequate and personal.

The more I know the more I want to be more. About myself.

I hope recovery is on par with performance.

July 20, 2017

I live in a paradox of knowledge and awareness: the more I find the less I know!



July 4, 2017

Raise myself above all layers of specificity is the path to be more specific about what I want to do.

Jack of all trades, master of me.


June 28, 2017

To the people who are irreflexive about strategy, details and prospective vision I must say you have everything to loose when I have only another example of impeccable reflected humanism and anthropological answer to the unknown. Please compare…

Trust me, I know what I know.


December 10, 2016

Only a simple man knows that knowledge is acquired and not hoarded in bulk.


May 3, 2016

Only a simple man can retire his years of collecting knowledge to become the wisdom carrier of my own life.


April 28, 2016

Knowledge is only a potential intent if action doesn’t become an habit.


April 4, 2016

It’s not enough to care if you don’t feel cared, it’s not enough to understand if I don’t miss being understood, is not my fault but that’s not important. If I don’t feel it there’s no connection and things are just meant to be wrong and apart, disconnected.


October 30, 2015

Jealousy troubles who doesn’t know much about themselves.


August 6, 2015

I am the real me, no shape, no shadow can ever be as true as the real truth.


July 30, 2015

Not a simple knower, I’m a super indexer.


April 19, 2015

Run away and follow your instinct, you will find me in the opposite direction.


February 25, 2015

You’d rather be Google or Wikipedia? Wolfram.


January 12, 2015