Considering terms, concepts and conditions, conveys me to a state of extremely focused attention to the otherwise neglecting state of human reality.

This meta profusion of my sentient self deep into layers of significance and descriptive narratives proposes new definitions to prior meanings.

Rumination is one of the most important processes on this system of positioning the individual. Is there a possibility for a collective rumination or is it called a forum…? Either way, the importance of this process cannot be neglected, and should be trained as a positive methodology of alignment and basic mental competence.

June 22, 2021

Em várias escalas, situações e tantos outros fatores de relação, é possível mostrar a vontade indómita como o motivo para o empenho.

Seja a defender o mundo, o átomo ou a natureza humana, é de uma cabal limitação demonstrar que uma especificidade toma contornos de generalidade, de desejo. É pouco, condicionado e representativo de uma ausente presença de mais.

Há quem saiba e assuma que mais é possível, sem que por isso se perca na ambígua ambição de se elevar só a si.

June 7, 2021

Como proteger as pessoas de si próprias?

Polícia, lei ou formação?

O treino pode resolver as lacunas individuais com uma perspectiva correctiva e coletiva.

March 27, 2021

We are on the verge of an enormous leap forward.

1. green power is turning into a reality, with global commitments around hydrogen, wind/solar farms dissemination and the continuous propaganda over building the next gen public infrastructure, becoming increasingly audible. Key points are network hybridisation, flexibility and efficiency. Great for private companies patented technologies and fin market speculative politics.

2. travel is no more the feud of the airplane. Turning itself into a new and expensive alternative, day and night trains undeniable capillarity, and elegant implementation within the decarbonised power movement, are the political flag argument for the next version of the European federal country. The private car will never be obsolete, and ownership will never cease in a credit based capitalist economy. Public transport will become an expensive commodity, dependant of specific social inequality to become universally accessible, only made possible from the public tax funding favourite source formerly known as “middle class”.

3. quantum theory is rising, defining superposition, entanglement and interference as the pillars of our strengthened technocratic religion strategy. Supercomputing and superconductivity are the superheroes called to enforce this tactics of mass distribution to the meanders of our disparagement. Adding to hydrogen, the monopoly of graphene and lithium will be the bases of our own polytheist financial oblivion as a global culture dedicated to hoarding resources.

4. anthropology, ethnography and social theory (AESTH) as a whole is more and more disseminated outside the privileged circles of pseudo intellectuals and academic tycoons. Large bodies of knowledge are increasingly available through social media and public infrastructure, thus giving all the possibility of information, interpretation and training. ETHICS play a fundamental role explaining why no one cares, or participate and is not at all a carrier of our spacetime as a global culture. This collective lack of individual positioning affects moral and will decay into the universal norm giving colonised thought enough context to bloom.

5. pandemic as an igniter makes nationalism a catalyst, and we found the epistemologies of conflict among the rise of nations, groups, classes, race, regions and countries. This religion of economic proportions disseminates the prejudice of divisions and individual collectives as if we are all born equals only to be limited to the space we are allowed to live in. This lack of relation with the anthropocene is beating our personal shores, eroding the process of self knowledge, removing therefor the most basic form of construction, free instinctive wandering.

I take this opportunity to invoke my inner oracle, ontologically connected to the poli dimensional movement I am able to represent in your immediate reflexion. This/my way of looking into the how to be, condensed in a manner of what to be, stepping back within the conundrum of who to be, when we are preferably related to what we do, justifies the vision of decline, of meta erosion, of methodological decay and proclaims the virtuous claim of a revolution. The exchange for another new, a status, is now still a prevolution, capable and ready to be made real, inside the theory of position and omnidiretional thought.

February 15, 2021

Olhar para dentro, recusar o modo de olhar para fora, o desse desdém que já nem incomoda.

September 26, 2020

Individuals are context. Even collectives are made from individual context(s), preceded by a notion of individuals collecting relations of individual recognition between them prior to a collective agreement.

This constant unification of fallacies is a simplification method that includes a deep rooted supremacist way of seeing only the macro picture. A normalisation process of the way we see the world as single race induced us to think precariously about ourselves while the globalisation and hegemonic practices of colonisation embedded in white practices were the lubricant that made it all possible.

Capitalism can be blamed, socialism too. So can global organisations and free trade, migrations and scientific exploration, war and peace have their place in this reduced argument as well. I can argue that every single thing that came after the hunter gatherer is an evolution into a common notion of collective predicaments. This is bad in a sense that the concept of the individual didn’t evolved property and should be revisited and revised.

Let’s us star by proper training, readying individuals for contextual positioning. This can be applied through experimentation of the individual decision as a process of observation from a methodology of perception. This has to be developed from a practice within the spectrum of design systems, social studies and anthropological behaviours in the perspective of the individual/collective engagement.

This is the methodologic system that proposes the individual decision as a commonality and not a universal good. This is the singular point of engagement between individual and collective engagement and not another normalisation of the spacetime I live on.

Values and practices are again an individual forward loop towards prosperity and not an achievement of the collective mind of some sort.

August 12, 2020

Everybody consciously make efforts not to be alone – as this would mean a failure and the lack of a recognisable group theory.

Comparisons and rapport, engagement and identifiable behaviours, routines on life as a metaphor.

January 5, 2020

This opaque transparency of truth and self empowerment is not a lie. It’s a diffuse and ominous truth about relevance and the obvious lack of it in each individual interaction with me.


November 20, 2017