We are parasites, members of a dystopian social embankment, hoarding debris and forcing ourselves into the natural habitat, ordaining it’s destruction from the egomaniac collective being, residing comfortably inside our opinions.

We are gods, tyrant rulers of an infinite path of categorised predicaments as of their implicit destruction, lubricated by hypocrisy and disdain, envy, and all of those injustices we can think of, inflicted to the ones who gave their evolution for us to simply achieve conscience and be able to expresse our thoughts.

We are humans, when we propose to others the same way we have, by enforcing our individually achieved personal state, the one when we became a means to a productive end, a good of no capital but to the self and the previous reference cycle, acknowledging it, and still, (why..?) try to get it through.

We are dust, chemically active and physically possible. We are a sort of thing fiction cannot propose except when we define it as reality. We are beautiful, ugly and of all that at the same spacetime context. We are unable to escape a position we defined, by living our life inside this society, and also by consent to each of our ( supposedly given by chance ) ethnographic region.

so anthropologically advanced and still not being able to deflect the differences between wanting to be an indistinct mass of individuals or a specific set of individual connections

I am what I am and I dare to make no judgment. I have made the observation from my own perception and that’s what I am here to contemplate. I brag only on the fact that I see and that I am able to accept the opportunity to pay it forward, from the first intellect capable of being named that way, and into the next presumably functional intelligible one – in spite of their quandary.

We thrive, because we simply cannot stop. In this way, I’m sure there’s room for a purge of some sort, one in which we can accept all others and all things from deep within ourselves. This is made possible only if peace and understanding does not have to concur with any of those predicaments we established to ensure the easiest way to destruction. I find it invigorating to think of it as a peaceful process of slow but decided resolution – both of passed things and things from the past – in which we settle the bases for a better tomorrow.

This is not my wish, this is what I work for everyday, and will work for, as long as I have my strengths – when they leave me I’m sure you’ve read this already.

December 25, 2020

A leitura do não verbal tomou a dimensão humana de assalto. Fez perceber que o que estava garantido, como que desapareceu debaixo dos nossos pés. Esse chão que desapareceu foi somente a realidade a anunciar-se.

October 25, 2020

December 17, 2019

December 13, 2019

Hypocritical is acting in a manner conducent to a perceived view of a champion of strong and noble beliefs while (s)he is lying about the true goals and ambitions (s)he’s trying to achieve.

A hipocrisia não passa da desculpa dos fracos sobre a incapacidade em manter a personalidade erecta nos princípios que supostamente defendem.

Hypocrysis is a tensional moment between the acknowledgement ( by the sentient one ) and the uncovering ( of the thief of those valuable human interactions ) ,

Controlar a hipocrisia é como tentar educar humanos a serem reais.

I excell at both.

May 14, 2019

Potencial [ do humano, da fantasia e da mentira, do argumento moral em surdina e da proclamação incapaz em ser verdade ]


February 19, 2019

The consequences of life are rarely attributed to the emissor, and are commonly mistaken by the punishment and the guilt of the receiver. In the unilateral thinking of the proclaimer this is the only way to inadvertetly justify a mistake. Unfortunately, this is not a sustainable development of the present relational ecosystem. The starting point should instead be a communicative, strong and unshakeable foundation of flexible arguments and objectively shared ideals in order to provide a range of infinite adjustable tools to the both sides of the barricade. Only a few can invest in this new polarisation and even fewer are able to unquestionably activate this breakthrough in the instituted social order, in person, and mostly without these tools •


December 30, 2018

Knowledge and how humans apply it, passed from being too platonic, to a pure intelectual sodomy and igneous prevarication, all in the name of a few false fakes and posers.


February 13, 2018

The evolution of humans is a radicated, genderless step, taken from the singular differences of men and women.


January 11, 2018

Allow, deservedly allow the commiserated context of others. Inconspicuous reality of truth and desertion. Best judgment of the inept and of the misfit. Truthful reality of mediocre majority of men, justifying the rare exceptional awaken man inside me.


August 26, 2016

Existing is a mere fact of forced perseverance among humans, forced survival among animals and forced faith among gods.


April 10, 2016

I always hurt myself first, then you get scars all over your life.


June 8, 2015