August 3, 2020

No wonder leadership starts with ourselves. In the beginning one needs someone to lead and this can only be related to the lead of the self.

Anywhere, everywhere, things and people, out of will and desire, can become whichever one says it can be. So, I’m saying loud and clear, whichever imprisoned being I may seem, I am definitely free. Please receive my deepest condolences and sympathy for what I’m yet to say and do.

March 10, 2020

Is it preferable to get paid for something or to get something free of charge? How to finance research and keep your integrity intact – regarding privilege or precarity? How to build a notable mass of research/publication without institutional sin and influence? Which should be the correct approach to academic production and participation in paper development? Do Western society and academia accept this naive bohemian tactics?

I can argue that: if money is involved, either 1. the paper isn’t good/cientific/dogmatic enough or 2. the global capitalist ecossystem took the place of morally safe cientific and altruist act of share among peers…

Being sarcastic doesn’t solve a problem but if this is your problem you should, and according to preposition: 1. chill, change life and work somewhere else doing something different, maybe pursue a career in arts or even music (tcharammm) 2. strategically impose a set of unquestionable ecology standards in your own ecossystem of production and dictate unquestionable tactics of research from a self sustainable commercial practice.

Add institutional freedom to the equation and 99% of you will choose the 3rd way …

January 4, 2020

One idea, curious, translated to others in weaved concepts and open sourced to be valuable to us all.


April 25, 2016

Uncluttering myself with the simplicity of an atomic particle unfolding it’s many laws and biased rules of understanding.


August 16, 2015

I cannot run with a saddle on my long wide back.


January 14, 2015