Individuals are context. Even collectives are made from individual context(s), preceded by a notion of individuals collecting relations of individual recognition between them prior to a collective agreement.

This constant unification of fallacies is a simplification method that includes a deep rooted supremacist way of seeing only the macro picture. A normalisation process of the way we see the world as single race induced us to think precariously about ourselves while the globalisation and hegemonic practices of colonisation embedded in white practices were the lubricant that made it all possible.

Capitalism can be blamed, socialism too. So can global organisations and free trade, migrations and scientific exploration, war and peace have their place in this reduced argument as well. I can argue that every single thing that came after the hunter gatherer is an evolution into a common notion of collective predicaments. This is bad in a sense that the concept of the individual didn’t evolved property and should be revisited and revised.

Let’s us star by proper training, readying individuals for contextual positioning. This can be applied through experimentation of the individual decision as a process of observation from a methodology of perception. This has to be developed from a practice within the spectrum of design systems, social studies and anthropological behaviours in the perspective of the individual/collective engagement.

This is the methodologic system that proposes the individual decision as a commonality and not a universal good. This is the singular point of engagement between individual and collective engagement and not another normalisation of the spacetime I live on.

Values and practices are again an individual forward loop towards prosperity and not an achievement of the collective mind of some sort.

August 12, 2020

Vivo numa dinâmica de ciclos gravitacionais, que me impelem para lá de mim próprio. Estes são os eventos que me indicam também quem deixei ficar noutro lugar: o que me classifica provavelmente como inepto, tanto quanto como eminentemente perdulário de tudo o que (se) pode ser social.

Aliás é desta forma que afirmo que a minha velocidade aumenta relativamente e proporcionalmente à massa central numa razão de tempo percorrido e a percorrer. Expulso torrentes de relações em jactos de experiências que não deixo indiferente mas que também escolho purgar. É um cuidado próprio, uma saúde mantida pela perda consciente e salutar do avanço, da interação e da iteração.

Podia definir esta como a categoria de vida sobrante, mais como uma manutenção calma de um fim seguro, mas prefiro afirmar que do tumulto da inquietude vivo numa velocidade impossível de acompanhar, por quem já tentou e por quem ainda vai tentar.

August 10, 2020

“Instead of moving on, we should be moving forward.”

That’s what I have learned in a recent talk/podcast – with some examples being given on how humans are kept from certain alternatives – about surpassing pain when they face loss or any type of adversity.
I learned that this type of conditional behaviour has to do more with the expected outputs people have on how to deal with some types of emotional stresses, than from finding a true meaningful solution for each one’s way of dealing with the “problem” at hand.

People keep a specific type of r(e)actional consistency at hand. It’s useful and practical for a broad range of problems. It solves all kinds of doubts about how to deal with death, dispair and parting love ones. Still it’s just a general solution, generic and absolute, unrelated to a specific context and engagement of any sort.

I see myself in a specific context about age, mental health and social interactions. I am now an older guy, attracting younger people, who find intellectual development ( and of course, some sort of physical connection ) as an attractive biological characteristic. Those sapiosexual beings, man and woman, are coherently dealing with my existence, between self atonement and dazzled admiration. That’s how they move on, not forward, from the interaction that changes their view of themselves forever, from the relative interaction with me.

Moving on, relates to a time-space event from which you separate yourself when building a nostalgic memory. Moving forward, relates to the learning experience from that same context while carriyng it forward, almost like a rite of some kind.

Neither is acceptable, in my view of a simplified human existence. Whe don’t need to stand on something as much as we don’t need to carry our construction with us as a record of experience. Then…

Thriving is that simplification! From whatever the experience we might have we should thrive. Meaning, we are insightful enough to enlight our own existence, and therefore able to contaminate the view others have of our life and supposed experience. This is always a polar condition of acceptable relational continuum : they either keep close for more or run away from fear of that unknown simplicity and misunderstanding.

In the end, they all fall in love, with my simplified view of life learning how to die. That’s why I’m a vague conundrum for some and a stranded man for the ones who see the beauty about thriving into conditions and not out off them.

July 7, 2019

Sometime, they will understand there’s never a time for me to push back, only harder, better, smarter.


October 24, 2017

In the future of 1979.


August 19, 2017

A slim and streamlined process enhances milestones with Universal stages of forward loops.


May 2, 2015

There’s only one way out, forward.


April 12, 2015

Baby steps are still steps.


March 27, 2015