We are either for or against, pro or contra, agree or disagree…!

Consider this : you are 50% predictable and so is the other part.

Consider this : do something innovative, unexpected, arrogantly humble and simple.

Consider this instead of numerous predictable actions, mostly historically based point of views immediately obsolete from the start, in which you can only state the obvious. Everybody knows the outcome of our actions by now. We have sufficient data to know the result of most of our behaviours and yet we keep expecting a different result repeating over and over the same procedure…

For a moment, think on how you can stop racesexgender discrimination, inequality, privilege, patriarchy, etc… with something as simple as a whisper, inaction, color, overall kindness, rest, ecology, pedagogy and most of all with proper training!!! … An infinite number of advanced techniques of human and social engagement with one another instead of the usual escalation of despair and aggressiveness.

Take a step back, or even better, take a steep without any known direction and stop. Think ominously and reflect on that sensation of engulfing the energy from life itself just to give it all away! Once, to the ones who are not yet prepared to know how to receive it ( or achieve it ) and repeat till the day you become dust.

Rest, and become an agent of the unknown, of the absence of classification.

Binary is not enough to make it worth.

Evolve into the polinary state of your self.

June 8, 2020

May 26, 2020

A nuclear state in which fission and fusion achieve a unequal balance of mass. This representation of truth comes out of the resulting thermodynamic energy ° each time clearer, cleaner, clairvoyant and without any polite waste.


February 5, 2019

When the sun comes up, you get up, when the moon comes up, you growl.

This is the natural cycle of living efficiently.


September 4, 2017

Seasoning, training, focused on yet another goal.
A beautiful, calm, dawn.

Two fellow runners, greeting one cyclist and the pouring water over the green gardens, then, animal surrealism takes over…

One white horse eating on the verge of a rocky stone wall, while a darker, brown one stares at my breathe.
A row of seagulls, complimenting my run with contained screams of maritime freshness.
A stork, quiet and still, eating on a newly scented and revolved field.
A cloud of swallows, sprinkling the sky with motion and elegance.
A stray cat eating from a tray.

At home, the last animal, at the mirror, took the day for the energy and context it provided.

April 25, 2017

Thank you, again @catarinaplr

Swimming and gaining confidence at each stroke. Improving by feeling the mistake getting corrected.

How energized I can become after such simple enhancements…

How a stigma a phobia can be, until it ain’t no more.

October 19, 2016

Training with the insurance of technical skills, nutrition and fitness pals.

Very strong and focused routine.
I have endured the lack of energy, the simultaneous exhaustion of the mind and body, the anger of the directed instructions while searching for any innuendo left unturned only to restart my boost on goals with rage! Sorry, but it kept me going as a wild animal…

Full body dedication, core maintenance, strength and energy almost at the desired level.

On the right track.

October 18, 2016

Running again, made harder by all the activity of a busy week.

Cycling again, this time to stimulate endurance.

Rowing too, to simulate swim.

The tri part, dry part, gym part of muscle enhancement, muscle memory, muscle conditioning.


October 15, 2016

Redo. Undo. Do. Do over. Again. Better. Longer. New. Trying. Failing. What. Why. How. Align. Adjust. Pain. Faint. Fault. Fail.

Again. Again. Again. Again…

Will, will prevail.

October 7, 2016

Even bad energy is an energy resource.


July 13, 2015

watching myself,
without a conductor or master,
without a choir of applause in the recognition of,
while alive,
being awake inside of me.

relentlessly fought,
discovered by none and appraised by all,
every single none,
who took time to listen,
to meet,

I still do,
but I made it a choir,
of everything I fought to be me,
and give to you.



February 17, 2015