A exceção não confirma a regra, pois se não, a exceção arrebata a normalidade, seja pela derrota, seja pela vitória.

Há dias assim, onde a normalidade é a regra dos comuns, é pessoal, mas não representa a excêntrica forma de ser e estar de alguns, só evita decifrar o amparo de mente, que esses mesmos, rejeitam ao renascer.

April 26, 2021

Plain, ignorant, intelectual, absent, religious, vain, followers, destructive, … All of them need to be judged, not morally as would be expected, but rationally : given an insight on themselves. Self centered, ego centric and dedicated to awareness as their own insight on how disturbing this words can be when we invert their applicability.

We are used to the words “think of/for the next…” but these are not fair words anymore as they keep denying the current evolutionary status of human kind : a new collective made of individuals.

We are no more a mob of mobs, identifiable either by race, color or creed. We are present as is the time we can identify as living in, unrepeatable, peculiar, singular – one of a kind. Why do we keep trying to compare ourselves to others and become an identifiable mass again and again? Even forcing others to become a part of our mass?!

I’m not proposing eremitage, absence or even reclusion, I’m just stating the obvious and condoning all those acts of togetherness, without a specific and clear egotistic goal as the motivation to those same actions. We simply cannot deal with ourselves in the first place and try to influence others in our insecure way of being.

People are not able to be alone anymore because that means being alone with themselves and this is the only theological conundrum to discuss, not the prevailing groups.

People lie. First to themselves, then to all who choose to hear them, therefore the problem isn’t the result of the lie but the behaviour prior to the event. I don’t believe in prevention, I believe in culture and education, social training ( if you can cope with the definition ) then if one can be truthful to himself he will not promote any type of lie to others.

In a perfect world I would be just another human, a egossencial and simple one.

January 3, 2020

Estou rodeado de normais.


April 25, 2018

“Tu não percebes, que ficam desconfortáveis com a tua forma de ser, és muito intenso, muito rigoroso…” Continuo sem perceber, não quero. Ahhh… Como eu prefiro este meu dom da ignorância…


February 5, 2018

“Tu não percebes, que ficam desconfortáveis com a tua forma de ser, és muito intenso, muito rigoroso…” Continuo sem perceber, não quero. Ahhh… Como eu prefiro este meu dom da ignorância…


February 5, 2018

The universal truth about social interactions is now ruled by algorithms of engagement and endearment, seemly preferable to the almost septic touch of humanhood. Why this, instead of the natural and real behaviour? 

When you see people spending their time alone, curved, in front of a gate to a fantasy world, you know this new order of relations is probably not a good moment in evolution. Or is it?

Historically, there were always a specific moment of darkness, a pronounced lack of faith in core values in the human known timeline, before a major advancement occurred. The retributed, and mainly written facts were always of distinction, directed into either a new or a renewed core, intrinsically value based, theologically focused and even more intrusive in the way it ruled consciously dogmas an ancient norms. Aiming at a cleaner and clearer way to see the group as a whole this equilibrium of dissertions were assembled at the will of a few, and rather than to characterise a strong belief of humans into humans were merely a conditional demonstration of specific interests and deterrent ideas of the so called common good.

This was also a common denomination to a particular renovation of power, since a very long time now, repeating itself from a tighter cyclic chronological renewal to another. The prosecutors of this have been balancing the result into a more individual or more group/cult centric composition, making this range a possibility meant for, we, as a specie, to have an impetuous momentum forward in anthropological and social evolution.

What about now? Are we there yet? 

I see people neglecting, by choice, the presence of others, in a meal, at the same table! Parents lobotomising their own children with an electronic device, with the excuse of a much needed, completely egotistical, time for themselves. I know people who rant furiously behind a set of keys because they think they have to be a part of an angry digital mob about the tiniest subject of interest or importance. I have witnessed, in presence, people, side by side, having a digital interaction, rather than simply talking to each other. I see people, +90% everyday, looking down onto a small master of nothing, with the excuse of connectedness and of sharing life with strangers. This strange reality doesn’t affect me as it should, in the way i keep looking, aiming, to find the reflex of my next oblivion in me, and not in others.

This is simply when you look at the others looking at you. As if you were not strange enough by not being curved as they are. As if i am the only one, except the ignorants of age, generation, and instruction, not dominated by the call to be modern, as they are. As if my eccentricity of reserve was not enough for them to deny my presence as the lack of rapport i provide. As if i am not of their world. I feel like i am, but they do not. I am more aware of their reality, than themselves are of their own heartbeat. They sense and know it, instinctively, and run, denying.

This is the opportunity to be a part of the last part of the momentum. This one forcing society forward, the summit of the agnostic decadence transformed into the enlightened face of the descent. I am one of those parts, a real one, one of the ones descending into the group who is gathering the dogmas of evolution into the doubts of the next questions. Unanswering society’s disbeliefs and ethnocentric waste with the arrogant disdain of humility, brought from the responsibility of being aware, alive.

January 12, 2018

My greatest achievement in relation to my professional persona, is how I perceive inspiration, copy and interpretation as part of procedural creation. The first comes from my own demise as a human, the second as a compliment of a very peculiar kind to some, and the last, as the lack of vision, the world emancipates, as their opinions.


December 24, 2017

… even smiles can be overrated when people cannot distinguish the real importance of life.


December 24, 2017

There’s a singular oddity around man trying to overcome mortality through the assumptions of their own reality.

This inconspicuous state of conscious limbo between unconscious coherent truth is the recognition of this egocentric life of men.

After realizing his faults in the way public intimacy is wrongly preserved as private, the actioning of a broader voice can deservedly bring that knowledge to every part of our known world. Ethnocentric as the form in which men need to speak one another, constructing mankind as a primal whole, again.

Connected and worldcentric, in a whirlpool of shared and aware minds.

This is my oath, the view on which I stand free, releasing this eccentric pose to anyone trying to find a little more, of me.


November 25, 2016

I live my life with no drama. Without any crave whatsoever for the victim state (the one that affects so many around me), at any stage or specific need, at all my known levels of awakening and awareness. 



In spite of all this objective insight on myself I’m still cutting excess (of every order and of any kind) every time the opportunity and the acknowledgement of any surplus is taken as a fact. A true self controlled methodology that expunged unnecessary pieces of me.
The last cut of excesses was the sacramental imposing of my own egocentric and pure selfish will in others, to others. After such a long time, searching for the understanding of why i need to give so much and survive with such an insolent charity in return, I became an even simpler man by assuming in me this addiction: the precarious and naive humbleness. Then, and in order to overcome the wrong part of the equation I have transformed it into a will of power and choice, by expecting even less and ready to give even more than before.

This is why I’m just a former cultural man, admiring the inner self, shaping things set by all the presumably identified equals and simply questioning them in their own context of human culture. I make this with the strength of a sage, the hunger of an unsatisfied thinker, a restless critic of good intentions and mature suggestions made of hard work processing concepts inside me.

I evolved, i evolve and i have already started to see the bendable time and concepts of the global conventions of culture and even of reality, for a long time now. All this while growing exponentially from meditation, transcendence and pain… deep within experience. In this constant state i see clearly that life from me is much more satisfying than life through me and i had to impose it to all. Elegant, swift, determined, enlightened, simple.

This is why i am becoming limitless. By following a strict line of goals and ambitions, focused in the blurred horizon, oriented by methodic inspiration, directed towards the energy of the end. Inspiration guides my intentions, intuition drives and connects me to the rest of me in a bended line of space time singularity of a man, currently living in human form.

Aware of all my scars, cycles, rituals and renewals i want to live a mission oriented life pushing humanity forward as hard and as long as i can and as an experience of evolution and commitment to this anthropology i have embraced as a creed.

That’s why i search for the plain sight of all the levels, the defined stratification of all around me (the plagued equals), while ascending faster and faster towards the better way to make all around me, more me.

The god state, the connection with all things, all the time, without even the doubt of the return to the early (easier) stages of evolution. Embed in this constant state of connectivity and awareness. Being one with the universal calling of each one of us.

Consciousness engineering the future, without conformed rules. Connected and dependent of the intuition, just as an ultra dimensional power.

Egocentric, etnocentric, worldcentric, always eccentric!

September 12, 2016