De certo que não serei diferente, e por isso tento pensar em algo tão semelhante.

Só assim posso evitar ser um velho queixoso e derrotado, com tanto pesar que carrego nas sombras dos olhos.

Mesmo ouvindo de mim o que sei ser capaz, resisto à dúvida de um controlo maior, dobrado nas costas do meu legado.

Mesmo dominando o dia, a cada dia que vem, há sempre uma forma do tempo nos invadir e ganhar a tutela, um pensamento de cada vez.

É impossível não pensar, que tudo o que somos, há-de sempre mudar.

Tenho melhor a noção do tempo que demora uma montra a desenhar um reflexo de mim.

É isto que nos pedimos quando nascemos, ter a noção do tempo, principalmente quando morremos.

November 1, 2022

Choose : a full stop or a different way forward.

Either way, it depends on each and every one of us to select upon conscience the practice to adopt as a tool to merely see.

Optimistic, yes, naive, sometimes, aware, as much as possible, dominant, always.

March 18, 2020

Growth happens at the proportional pace of enlightenment, while self inflation is a measure of influence of the surroundings. This is best when related to the ability to be at peace with my own worth. And I’m worth a lot. She is bigger and already imposing, at the comfortable distance, her affection of power and dominant position… I wonder when she will see it as clearly as I have since the moment I smelled her.


September 13, 2017

One king, one voice, a single light and a precise direction, dominant and enlightened, successful and achieving higher than higher expectations.

This is how i see me, how i know i affect my self awareness in the cyclic progression of my life and in the way it influences everything around. 

Almost everyone i see progressing at a self inflated pace is fantasising on the this words as the normal description of their lives. Ah ha aha ahahahah… this is just the conundrum of the weak! This is the lightest thought of a doomed mind, envisioning the possibility of being able to cope with power only to fall in the ridiculousness of their own existence. How many have i seen directing truth as if it was true, and not realising the ridiculous fantasy they were directing at others. Oh, you small little people… How despair has reached you within, and in such an infected state, that you’re contaminating not only the host, but also the reality of some who seem to follow blindness itself. I pity no one, i commiserate only the time and matter they are wasting as humans.

But please don’t stop, please continue, because in that way I’m validated by my own actions and surely by all of your inactions.

August 30, 2017