Individuals are context. Even collectives are made from individual context(s), preceded by a notion of individuals collecting relations of individual recognition between them prior to a collective agreement.

This constant unification of fallacies is a simplification method that includes a deep rooted supremacist way of seeing only the macro picture. A normalisation process of the way we see the world as single race induced us to think precariously about ourselves while the globalisation and hegemonic practices of colonisation embedded in white practices were the lubricant that made it all possible.

Capitalism can be blamed, socialism too. So can global organisations and free trade, migrations and scientific exploration, war and peace have their place in this reduced argument as well. I can argue that every single thing that came after the hunter gatherer is an evolution into a common notion of collective predicaments. This is bad in a sense that the concept of the individual didn’t evolved property and should be revisited and revised.

Let’s us star by proper training, readying individuals for contextual positioning. This can be applied through experimentation of the individual decision as a process of observation from a methodology of perception. This has to be developed from a practice within the spectrum of design systems, social studies and anthropological behaviours in the perspective of the individual/collective engagement.

This is the methodologic system that proposes the individual decision as a commonality and not a universal good. This is the singular point of engagement between individual and collective engagement and not another normalisation of the spacetime I live on.

Values and practices are again an individual forward loop towards prosperity and not an achievement of the collective mind of some sort.

August 12, 2020

Entendimento, sobre o território. 1. a noção pela presença habitada, diária e rotineira, quase displicente do que é essa realidade emocional – levada ao extremo da ignorância da paisagem dada como certa. 2. a noção imediata, realidade sensorial, razoável mas extremamente sectária de quem visita e como entende o território – a presunção reina sobre a ínfima capacidade de poucos, emular entendimento. 3. a noção induzida, numa psicose de grupo, onde a mente coletiva prevalece, não pela missão tida em conjunto, mas pela expetativa da realidade normalizada – sem destaque, sem liderança e onde somente a orientação educada e culturalista poderá assumir o papel criador.


April 6, 2019

Pop culture is the ultimate delusional collective state of loneliness and stimulated craving.


March 30, 2019

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October 24, 2018