Desire and ambition, from the spectrum of who is powerful enough to be relevant, not without imposing a will and specially a way, and always without regret, always free, larger.


March 11, 2019

It’s never too soon to find the secret and crave for the infinite bloom.


January 18, 2016

the apprentice

December 24, 2015

I will continue to grow even after my death.


October 3, 2015

I feed myself with an edacious hunger.


October 1, 2015

Defining myself by what i have doesn’t change the fact that I want much more.


May 3, 2015

Magna teasing people around me with nothing more than a strong personality. 

This is the perfect assumption of arrogance and self awareness others love to refute. Mainly by fear, this provocative answer from the several unsolicited questions i proffer, sends shockwaves throughout the cords of each individual. This is a type of respect i accept, while there are no more that only a few that can provision glazed admirations of my dark charisma.

I know I can force others to my point of view but i tend to do it in a rather altruistic way of showing them a lot more about themselves. I can align the pieces of their puzzle in the direction of the true north, whatever I choose the bearing to be.

The tendency to magnetise people around me is innate and the direction is nothing short of dependent on my own ways.

But still, this is not enough and i must consider the possibility of a stronger magnetic pull. Despite the risks of blood and amputated limbs i have to flux the energy of success with my inner conviction and vision of leadership in a concrete directional ambition. My north.

I am aware that the power of my influence can detract others from their own choices and i know that some still deny that pull that is coming directly from me. I accept their innocence as the need i have to show the humanity i am trying to decode.

As a consequence i regret the isolation some experience by trying to see what i have to show.


May 2, 2015

My journey has just begun and I remember things that have not happened yet.


April 4, 2015

I have nothing left but to write the story of successful ambition I know.


March 29, 2015

I want to write a story of ambition, growth and success.


March 26, 2015

I want my 15 minutes of fame everyday.


January 3, 2015