is a fictitious name used for the disambiguation of a human form known as Sérgio Miguel Magalhães.

An authorial FIELD as a spectrum of thoughts, considerations and contemplations, describing me as Polynomial by nature and Bohemian on curiosity while Divergent and eccentric from an ethnological and alternative state of queerness.

A manifestation of PRACTICE elaborated from Observing while perceiving ghosts of innumerous disciplines, uninhibited. I thrive in the relation of art, architecture and design. This relates with the core of my academic training and flourishes from authorship in a concentric structure of eccentric pluridimensional formations. Positioning architecture and design is engineering and technology. Positioning design and art is ethics and philosophy. Positioning art and architecture is anthropology and politics of production. Superpositioning all is space and the time I construKt for myself.


  • 2021 FAUP PhD candidate
  • 2019 FBAUP specialisation in Representations, Drawings and images of the Territory
  • 2018 FAUP specialisation in Heritage and Landscape
  • 2017 ESAP advanced Video Capture
  • 2004 FAAULP academic researcher in editorial programs
  • 1997 FAAULP academic training in architecture


  • since 2000, interpolates academically and professionally specific creative fields such as architecture, visual design (graphic and web) and product design in a studio environment @ STUDIUM creative studio
  • directs brand creation and brand strategy @ AMMP brand & management agency
  • elaborates on products and systems @ PTMADE production house