The depiction of life is fluid and I resist to be absolute about how I live my life.

I avoid having a fully explained, rational and completely observable result, as a definition of my life. For a time now I have included in it a range of alternative spectrums of knowledge that are not scientific, in the way the world accepts something as science in the definition of a scientific phenomena.

Normalisation is a dynamic process, and it conforms the way we expect a solution and accept a result. I am a deeply scientific person, by not being exclusively scientific. This queer position in all aspects of my life demands that sometimes I have to constrain myself to my closest friends and family in order to feel engaged with this positive eccentricity I have towards human and non human entities. In the process I have to accept that some bridges deriving from this view are not enough and that I have insufficient tools to put myself in a position of scrupulous analysis and critic while participating in the construction of something common, collective and “good”.

I can be seen as arrogant by assumedly lacking the essential things that make us normal.

I avoid religion. I accept faith and belief. I acknowledge the universal elements on diversity and inclusion with empathy, solidarity and generosity. I am grateful and responsible for my autonomy and therefore I practice my freedom in this spacetime in relation to others, either present or absent.

I am an incompletely scientific human and that is why I search for a scientific context as an alternative to that absolute question. In fluidity is inherent a pedagogy of belief and responsibility that can overflow from science while being deeply rooted in it. This is not an absolute answer and that’s fine with me.

Something can be final while being incomplete. They can reside within a parameter of an accepted potential. Polynomial states of a scientific result can be related to polynomial states of a non-scientific result.

This ecosystem of fluidity deals with observation and perception. It is scientific and non-scientific, factual and  interpretative, objective and subjective, tangible and intangible and phenomenologically concurrent. It folds in itself while it unfolds from itself.

This is life. I see it as my life.