There are schools without buildings but there are no schools without curriculum.

Considering that schools are made from and with the buildings, the curriculum for the school is therefore the agenda for the occupation of the space.

Schools are not only the space where education happens but mostly where the exchange and construction of knowledge is potentially important. The physical contribution can be irrelevant in the intellectual matter.

There’s no possible indifference towards space but there’s even less possibility of it when the space is filled with the politics of intention, and hopefully an open, inclusive and horizontal one.

Schools are not buildings.

When a school is a building, teaching can become a timed experiment. When those buildings don’t transform with the curriculum they can either stay obsolete or become colonised. When the curriculum doesn’t progress with the student body it surely stays obsolete in time despite the space.

Schools are an immaterial edifice that goes beyond physical space and material representations.

School must change from a determinist condition settled by tradition into a stem state where spaces (material and immaterial) are ready to happen.

Schools are related in time and cultural space with society and political events.

Schools are alive without buildings.

Schools are myths.

Schools are people.

Schools can cure some of us.