I avoid being exclusively conformed by self gratification, both personally and professionally.

Indulgence and satisfaction are mutually exclusive when we consider gratitude and gratification. I am what I represent and can actively be a part of the life of others. Personally, this is not a rule or even a theological agreement but rather a daily practice made from training and a sense of urbanity and education.

Professionally, working for a client is not the same as working with the client. This acknowledgement and representation of a system made of requirements, expectations and achievements but also compromises, consequences and finite resources is non-negotiable.

Shared results are the only reason why I continue my practice, totally defined as outside the meaning of work. The unbalance of this ecosystem of labour and common interests are not to be mistaken with partial success or winning. If the project does not represent a mutual agreement then it is not sufficient for one part to think about anything else than failure.

Socially I think it would be very interesting to accept the process of self gratification if it came exclusively from solidarity, inclusion and generosity.

A proposition of egotistical sense from the point of view of the individual directed at the collective can be a disturbing view on society and values but nonetheless a manipulative language of positive construction.