No man knows what happiness is, as it is such a broad and abstract concept that the mere arrogance of an attempt to propose a definition is not only utterly useless but specifically an exercise on self deprecation. It can mean anything and because of that it means nothing at all. Love, friendship and loyalty are similar ones.

People keep believing in it.

Nothing good is created from happiness as it is only a repository for unquestioned goods and not an actual system to build and thrive on.

Yet I consider myself “happy” without using the term when I decipher myself to the concept (the abstract one) when I search for positive engagements on how to better understand participation, collaboration and cooperation. That happy shit comes from my refusal to use negativity as a propellant and use of positivity (not as fuel) but as lubricant. Additionally I struggle to comply with normalised creation mechanisms from negative connotations such as anger, rage, submission or something similar – the ones that creatives, usually artists, prefer to call to themselves and their troubled minds as the product of fate and life’s burden.

Happiness is never a catalyst on its own.

Happiness is a mental construction. Happiness is not measurable and transmissible. Happiness cannot be traded or marketed and yet people commodify it more and more… I am happy without happiness and you should try it too. I am happy living happy, producing a personal framework around me, in order for others to fill their own blanks around what they may appreciate to do.

I don’t search for happiness and shit and I’m happier that I have never been before in my life.