Blended, bright, beauteous, bold, benevolent and believable. Banal, boring, broken, blatant and bland.

International, intensive, intersectional, interactive, iterative and intentional. Inadequate, inept, indulgent and introverted.


Pause, only to maintain the strength of a rhythm drawn by long work and days and unrest nights.

Suddenly, open by a sea of wind and rain. A long walk, an old sight, a recurring topic. Beauty made from words of shared wisdom. Simple existence and bedazzlement. Collective innocence and love. Rain, a forced cleanse from ideals. Reality settled again and so we went to rest in our neighbour’s home.

How lost are humans when time is stolen from their feet. How lost is the paradise of beliefs and faith. How mortified we become when we believe we are alive.

How not to continue a dream.