Life is inescapable.

So is death, time and family.

Coming of age changes one’s understanding of these relative poles of existence. Most importantly, the reverence given to each is now a strange indication of health, wealth, wisdom and prosperity.

Social relations are concentrated. Bodies are nothing less than temples. Activity is a daily achievement.

Youth is no longer an illusion of the past.

Goals become clearer and steer decisions, hierarch choices and enlighten the fundamental stages to be who I want to be, and how.

Age is liberation.

Experience is the process from which we elaborate a timeline. A narrative we induce from the deduction of the non essential. Connotations of space and dimensionality.

A life is made of a present time instead of a pasted story. Age is reflected as the now and will become even more focused on where we stand. Fruitfully enjoy traveling the space of your time.

I remember when it used to be just a dream of a possible future.