Rules are effective when we are aware of our own conditions.

. Design as a necessity with an intention is not an art form, a craft or a tool. It’s a concentric conviction that we express materially as a professional solution. Consequently, everything else is art.

. An idea is the elementary state of a quantitative solution. When it passes through a filtering methodology of decisions and becomes a concept can it become a qualitative reality. Then, it can thrive in a systematic framework of production.

. Creativity is not exclusive to artists. Creativity is inclusive to all who dare to have a decision to make in the verge of their known position. Creativity is the process in which we transform opinions into decisions and act accordingly.

. A process is as important as a solution. Context is the content of creation and connects constructively with all the critical manifestations of the problem. Projects are a mere technical representation of an ability to demonstrate competence.

. Systems are at the core of everything. Either by observation or by perception our awareness is affected by the way we engage with those entities. Natural or artificial, but always dependent on our conceptual acknowledgement of their existence.

. Imposition is not productive. Empathy and solidarity is not available indefinitely. Eco-social-ethical standards, principles and values are moral compasses that strengthen our personal political agenda.

. Pedagogies must be intersectional, multimodal and queer. My pedagogy is quantumly collective and individual. We learn when we share and show how and avoid professing referentials.

. Politics is a body of knowledge still to be tamed, then it becomes a cultural territory in the form of humans. Landmarks are provided by care and the simple recognition of different distances to each origin in a geographical system of orientation.

, Culture is regionally global and globally regional.