The present scarcity is troubling.

People are enjoying the perks of modernity in an amodern model.

Everything that incites humanism is instantly being replaced with fantasies of consumerism and fast paced visual eulogies of a perfect life. Everything hard or even reasonably challenging to achieve is immediately quarantined on a global effort for the replacement of it, with self taught technology of inhuman easiness. We have lost the will to wait, to expect, to grow and to take the proper time to learn how to, anything.

This is happening while a growing number of people are struggling for food, and we, the educated part of our world, are buying everything that can deliver the erosion of our society. This is not only a catastrophe. People are struggling to survive, and probably dying from it, when others are spending millions in indulgent futility. I question sanity itself when we can see everything around us embedded in a decaying system of almost zero social advancement without any type of resistance. Even science and research are contaminated with profit, and peer social notoriety as capital.

This context is also, and perhaps the only, opportunity to evolve the way we practice our own individual behaviour before the point of no return. I’m not being apocalyptic when I say: a point of no return, I’m being perfectly adequate in the meaning terminology and significance, if we consider that at our current pace of unnecessary sophistication we could instead be travelling to the edges of our cosmological knowledge. And yet, we have chosen not to.

Imagine if all the individual energy (both physical and mental) spent in the construction of participation on a social network was redirected to the production of vegetables and natural medicines. I can’t even imagine (!) what we could do if we would use the global military industry budget for general advancements – for sure we would been visiting Saturn by now. And yet, we have chosen not to. I’m being realistic when I think about the point of no return because this observation, is in itself a fulcral, and lost, opportunity to profit from time as capital.

I’m being realistic when I think about the point of no return because this observation, is in itself a fulcral, and lost, opportunity to profit from time as capital. This implies that everything we had foresee (socially, culturally and even politically), will have to be postponed, for decades, if not centuries due to the inherent conflict of values to attende as a civilisation. This is a clear trauma, and the healing will only come from obsoletion. Recognition will be the gateway to the cure in the form of classical pouches of ethnographic charged ethics. These phenomena will give us the ability to endure, thus granting us the surpassing mechanism that we have chosen not to use right now.

These occasions of discovery will take its time, and will also require coordinated efforts of collective systematic social rehabilitation, before we can settle our differences, and understand this space we call our dimensional world. We cannot also neglect to embrace our differences in peace, before achieving other dimensional stages of humanity.

For more than once I’ve said that we are on the verge of change, and if not even a virus, or a war, can change the current collective perspective, then, this obsoletion is not a matter of the occasion of a traumatic event, but rather a natural path into a slow and utterly revealing decline. Unavoidable and somehow desired.

I hope we get there sooner than later because people are famine while you are reading these words on your individual device.