This is his war: only half of a territory.

Ukraine as a whole is a decoy.

An inhumane excuse to set a plan in motion. One that thrives on the lives of innocents, both Ukrainian and Russian. This is a war that creates a crippling tension, generates global attention and considers a long pronounced presence in the main economic spotlights.

By disrupting positions between oil/gas/cereal interests, one can lead to a process of positioning, regarding individual nation’s stand on political alliances.

When you burn the grass, enemies show themselves and, either run or attack back.

This is how he thinks he will revolve the established doctrines and change the position he’s not able to unsettle otherwise.

The supposedly seized trillions of the oligarchs are protected in opep oil investments (the ones actually winning something short term in this war). They will come out of this laundered, clean and even more rooted inside rotten economic systems.

It seems this concertation is aimed and enhancing the importance of oil and gas before the lithium revolution, thus prolonging the west dependance of fossil fuels as much as possible.

I think that the main intention is to change what was inevitable before it became established: Russia is a decadent nation, built on the sociology of fear and capitalism.

Contemporary Russia is a wrong turn for the primal socialist project – the one millions still defend and are in dire need to believe is still alive, specially now when consumerism keeps knocking on their doors…

The idiosyncrasies are visible when capitalist desire is not available within socialist ideology.

Political arguments are not enough when social collectives are susceptible to be tempted by individual power. Changing the placebo from socialism (or even a dictatorship) to capitalism is nothing new and almost every opep country can be traced back on those behaviours. History is indeed repeating itself.

Russians, death soldiers and imprisoned protesters, are a collateral damage, predicted and manageable. Sanctions are a way to justify the strategic ideology to the remaining population about the western plots against him. Logistic problems, poor soldier training and great numeric losses are the issues of western media.

The “real” news Russians are getting daily are the ones of great suffering and of the urgency of territorial defense against an enemy of the state.

Propaganda is the main weapon.

Nationally and internationally this is first, the war of the politicised media and only then, the result of a human tragedy.

We are slowly falling in the confort of our own protection, either by distance or by political position in a NATO country. Unheard relativisation of loss and of the importance of human life is a process than denies the urge to act. It’s a strategy of fear, slowly burning the entire world.

Consumerism is the pill that creates the apathy. Media are the syringe…

Long term, I don’t know what to think will be the outcome but I am tentatively avoiding this is all about Putin himself.

What is this war really about?