An unbalanced world is not a question of perception or even context, but rather the observation of reality.

Prosperity is a collective ambition and shouldn’t be misunderstood with growth. The continuous and alarming focus on the ability to enlarge everything beyond universal needs is not a sustainable way to provide basic conditions to a human. This conundrum surely has to do with the way we are not seeing alternatives to my understanding of the classical status quo: everything must become something. For me, this is not prosperity. Neither is degrowth. Let us think about alternatives then.

First we can think on scale and, how the proportion of an infinite growth is not applicable to our existence. A road can add lanes, a computer can add cores and grow our access to some sort of advancement but there’s a limit to human needs. I only need one bed, one chair, one shower and I only have one life to live in. We don’t need much more than this to live perfectly. Of course we must account for friends and family but, this way of seeing things is applicable to everyone, so it scales proportionally. This is a reduction of all that is implied for us to continue as a collective and I’m not against progress, only the insensitive one.

Second we can think on time and, how our lifetime and general health conditions presume comfort as an individual state of existence. I can choose to do as many things invented as possible but (and there are a few exceptions), I cannot enjoy, fulfill our even produce mensurable evolutionary gains on all of them. Generally speaking, a factory worker can produce a much more stable environment for everyone of us to thrive on, than a raging entrepreneur testing the limits of consumerism. There’s so many other “things” to research and invest and find those gains. Think health, environment, culture, science, … Frenetic consumerism affects our notion of ethics, virtues and humanistic principles.

Just start Thinking on how our knowledge of space and time within the human condition, incites us to reconfigure our notion of life. We need to live our life learning, not only to die properly, but in order to set the most appropriate tone for generations to come.

Think about them when you think about you.

— the monstruktor


March 1, 2022