How easy it is to break down in tears, as empathy is the most overwhelming emotion when human life is at risk. This can be felt through violence or wither but health, should be consequently the only inoperative control of our body – the only possible territory.

Aggression is not acceptable. Discrimination is not even admissible. War is never justifiable.

We, as a collective presence, have the responsibility to exempt our time from this inhuman experiences in a supposed modernity. We have sufficient knowledge and known cultural geographies to understand diversity as a positive allegory of our own individual story as a single group.

I celebrate the end of this ancestral and primitive manifestation of cultural destruction called war.

I celebrate how we as a collective opus, seize the opportunity to evolve in to the next moment in time, consolidating empathy as the base to thrive.

We are not enemies my friend. I just want you to help me with the time I need to be able to understand, us.