Blue dimensions

Blue is stable, throughout the day, the year and before every submission to light.

This is the colour of truth, of magnanimity and, of the correct balance between benevolence and discipline just as the world condones.

My blue is affected by my black. It’s something that I control and impose to the way I want people to know how I am able to live and train, to die. This is my tool to shift between the states of human consequence and those of an utterly undimensional scale.

In this medium I thrive, and through thought, perception and observation I create an object, that while absent of a real definition, keeps appearing in all the episodes of the narrative. This token, is not real. This is not a key, a tool. It’s a process of continuous construction. Critical and conscious. It ignites concepts, contemplations and creates life, intrinsically linked to death.

The concept of death is somehow conditioned by the concept of mortality and, both seem to direct our understanding to the physical end. The end of the body, the end of the presence. My blue dimensions keep me focused on the process of production, the one who is related to live learning how to die and to a definitive ambition of eternity.

How can we compare, then? How can we talk about and for the same predicaments of reality and sociality? How can we be equal in the seized opportunities to prevail, prosper and maintain continuity beyond the supposed end?

No religion can gives us answers. Not a single doctrine, definition or miraculous motivation. Just life. Life lived with the responsability of a never ending cycle of energy.

My cycle is blue. Stranded in time and space by the contemplations of a simple self.

— the monstruktor


September 12, 2021