Without regret

I used to waste my time… I never had time… I have no time, to regret. I cannot live thinking about what I could have been, or how could things have been done.

Instead, I chose to be how I am today and I keep choosing this way everyday. Regret anchors you to the lowest possible outcome of any expectation you may consider as an alternative to an honest, humble and fulfilling life.

Considering the result of our decisions is a process of the utter most importance and is directly connected to the evidence of time. The closest and prior to the ignition point the better, as if it ignites past the moment of that specific action, it will be considered for sure, as regret. It’s critical to have an equilibrium about this proportion of before and after “the decision” as this tipping point can unbalance the process of self awareness, social relations and personal autonomy.

Don’t over rationalise and don’t neglect it either. Live thinking about you. Focus on ideas, people and events and deny conversations about anything except truth.

You will not regret it.

— the monstruktor


September 4, 2021