The perception can radicaly change from a different consideration and point of view but ( and there’s a big one ) I consider everyone’s jobs as essential.

The bin collector, the health worker, public servants, lawyers, economists, everyone, can have an essential part in our observation of a socially impactful job. But, ( and here comes the big one ) , people consider only the classification of that specific job while forget to consider the process embedded in course of the activity itself.

A profession and title needs to be more than only the surface of what is expected and still, we tend to oversimplify the importance of being accurate in our presumptions of the term essential. Take the global pandemic as an example, and we can for sure agree on what could be a superfluous activity and what was indispensable from our daily struggle to cope or even survive altogether.

My perception shows me how wrong we are: while I consider public health and adjacent services as essential during extremely uncertain times, I observed influencers on the rise and media consumption went abnormally high. And then there’s publicity, news and public announcements! Entertainment is in fact the self lobotomy of our times and is being delivery over the air…

Let’s put it this way: I know everything is relative and we shouldn’t impose anything to anybody but, respectfully, you are being pretty ignorant on this one if you don’t start purging current social affairs from your “timeline” and accept you instead live in a “lifeline” made of every essential molecule of our existence.

— the monstruktor


August 30, 2021