Money is the most accepted currency and happiness is the only possible state of mind.

Well then, let’s happiness be bought!

I’m sure by now people can recognise that “the life” they are living is directly connected to suppressed emotions, and fantasious events. People aspire to live in perfect scenarios, where nothing contradicts the reality of a real life. Everybody is happy, everything is the best possible, everywhere is the most exclusive and original. Entire families are painted masterpieces of canonical perfection.

These people, places and faces ( going Agnès Varda on the topic ) don’t exist.

I repeat: these people, places and faces don’t exist. This contagious way of seeing the world through the screen of a never ending happiness fantasy is not real!

Why? Because we do not erradicate parts of the human natural emotional habitat without acknowledging the consequences of the newly established unbalanced ecosystem. We are not acknowledging the lack of sustainability in training, experience and education people suffer from in this new setting of possible cultural standards. We cannot avoid anthropological arguments our ancestors carried through cultural space-time relating their habits with individual characters, collective environments and social relations.

I can understand the temptation of this life style but we are not even close to being ready for the demands ( and to a certain point the nobility ) this way of existence expects from us. I can see a real world where happiness prevails and money is not an obstacle but everything else should exist also. Sadness, melancholia, mourning, introspection are all possible too, because humans are free to feel them and no-one should impose the lack of that to anyone…

— the monstruktor


August 29, 2021