Why, do people, steer away, from simplicity? Why…?

As a general struggle to even understand the definition, (by expecting) for people to thrive on simplicity requires a different type of approach: may it be on the analytic observation of the phenomena, may it be on the proposition of my perception on the topic.

For a start, one can deduce that simplicity is not achieved or overcome; is not a stage in a proven methodical doctrine or a designated step in a innocuous improvement program; is not a synonym of a minimal, scarce or thrift way to include some kind of conscious conduct in the most erect way of being socially aware ( “anti-social” may well be the unapologetic terminology to the contemporary inversion of values in this preposition, specifically for the mob society but, this is rather off topic for the moment ). Simplicity can be deduced from the behavioural set of values people practice daily, routinely and almost unconsciously, as in the organic practice of an identifiable attitude without internal effort or exterior pressure and rather, dealing with the autonomous responsibility to be an individual part of a group, in any known or unknown environment.

There are more environments in which simplicity can be mistaken because of the approach. The observation says that simplicity is the shortest path to the solution, but the perception negates the comfort of what a full blown process can induce in our professional minds. Some say: if we need to take down the rules to achieve the result we must. But I question: where’s the sustainability in that rather simple escapist decision? I am not saying that vertical organisations are always predictable, or bad, and that here and there, a shortcut is not the key… I’m just saying that people are not ready to live in a pseudo horizontal relational schematic and temporary flowchart, that is in reality, a poli directional, omni directional or even directionally absent system! Directors, leaders, managers, captains and sergeants, are not ready to endure in this ecosystem because the mob does not know how to perdure in this kind of ethical simplicity. Work, ( labour wise… ), can be seen as an affront to simplicity, because its currently embed in so much capitalist, racist and egotistic politics that everything around it is simply inexistent as a product of good, prosperous and sustainable practices. Money should not be the problem also, but since it was morphed from a token of a respectful exchange into the fuel of our political control and anthropological happiness, everything collapsed into present day society.

Large companies are complex professional graveyards but they are not the enemy, or even the cause, for this generalised lack of simplicity. People are. The same ones that apply to, and dream of, about the type of life that those professional choices can inflict into others. This games of want to have, by any means, and always better than anyone around me, only reasons waste, acclamation and destructive comparative behaviours. Its easy to feel tempted by the way of life of a few; its easy to forget the real satisfactory and complex way of rewarding life with richness and not wealth; its really easy to forget that we are not able to be alone for a necessary amount of time in order to sense the world around us; its easy to stop engaging with people because we think we are connected; its easy to forget to practice and evolve a set of values that we must consider as insufficient for the next generation to cycle to; its easy to elaborate on complexity.

Once i said: Once I said that : the secret of simplicity is living with the essential ; but now I have to evolve that into : the essential simplicity is living truthfully. I guess this is an ongoing quest! There is no secret for simplicity. Simplicity does not need a definition, or a consideration. Simplicity is existence, in the most profitable form possible, without any type of currency attached than human progression, in any field or medium. I guess I cannot escape the predicament to it either as I keep pushing “definitions” for something that cannot be described without being lived…

In my common places I always find excuses for people in the lack of training, and therefore, absent positioning they suffer from. Also, and near this range of semantics, I can find myself searching for sets of values, ethics and even aesthetics to sustain a possible “cure”. Simplicity shows me that I do not need do to so. I can simply try to describe my position, relative to my life and how it can modulate by influence the presence I have as an existing body of thought and responsibility.

In this lack of definition I endure.

PS I chose to not discuss familiar and amorous relations in this context, and focus on social and professional environments, due to ongoing works in both fields

— the monstruktor


August 8, 2021