In this day and age, this is a practice made available for all. It does not depend on race, creed or any specificity whatsoever. Everybody, everything can be a topic or, a target.

Targeted humiliation is just the manifest inability to process our own demise. People practice this in order to purge the mediocre mechanism of reality as a dimension of life. To cope, is not even a possibility for these absent and abject behaviours of those so called humans.

Humiliation is not a constructive term and while deriving from the same root as humility it presents itself in the far end of the productive spectrum. Humility is yet another shameful definition on how to poorly know one self. It brings some kind of theological burden attached, that makes my heart to want to depart from the definitive application of the concept.

Shame, as another product of this equation, stays foot in the immediate ground made recognisable by the debris of the application of this mechanism. Yet again a highly charged definition with theological connotations adding to the otherwise unrelated boundaries of punishment and offence.

I’m getting traumatised by the intended, mischievous and direct use of these social emotions. Even good honest people, trained in human reality and participating in some kind of advancements in our anthropologic story produces measurable amounts of this contagious and almost invisible particle. It takes shape in deeds, comments and specifically in written form (social writings are the preferred embodiment of this behaviour). Likes, are particularly harmful.

People stopped having the decency to restrain themselves for opinioning about other people’s life. This made available a range of inspirational evil only comparable to the most divergent belief in humanity we could have ever fantasied to exist.

Since this is real, happening for ever as history can relate, and continuously evolving into more refined ways of exposing itself as an alternative to exceptional and elegant conviviality I can therefore request for us to stop and reposition perception training.

I suggest for us to go back to the primordial soup and season it correctly, this time with the hability to have learned from observed experience.

— the monstruktor