Only through proper training can one face the mental adversity imposed by polluting materials.

Our ecosystem cannot be based in the aftermath of contingent recycling or upcycling, as this has such a small impact in our understanding of the problem and public awareness, that it is almost imperceptible in comparison with what a trained individual can activate.

We demand solar panels, new materials and renewable energy sources. Unfortunately we are only recycling concepts and neglecting that what we are doing is really proposing innovative ways to prolong the same energy conundrums that led us to the present state of things. And all of this while ethically regulating waste politics.

The truly sad thing is that we believe we know everything about climate change, pollution and the subsequent story of renewal and solvable times.

Storms, fires and floods are nothing compared with the political problem in hands: the one about the change we need to implement through proper training and individual positioning to achieve a collective solution.

The fossil fuel industry is thriving on political power and not on materials.

This tunnelling concept prevents us to realise that a solution is achievable at our doorstep and not in a colonised council of a territorial government. We must politicise in order to overcome old politics. We have to start from the organisation of our individual self, thus acknowledging our collective reposition and, organically aligning others to the notion of eat, live, buy, be, better.

Empowering comes from creating momentum, to position and train people, around this need for a new deal with ourselves.