We are on the verge of an enormous leap forward.

1. green power is turning into a reality, with global commitments around hydrogen, wind/solar farms dissemination and the continuous propaganda over building the next gen public infrastructure, becoming increasingly audible. Key points are network hybridisation, flexibility and efficiency. Great for private companies patented technologies and fin market speculative politics.

2. travel is no more the feud of the airplane. Turning itself into a new and expensive alternative, day and night trains undeniable capillarity, and elegant implementation within the decarbonised power movement, are the political flag argument for the next version of the European federal country. The private car will never be obsolete, and ownership will never cease in a credit based capitalist economy. Public transport will become an expensive commodity, dependant of specific social inequality to become universally accessible, only made possible from the public tax funding favourite source formerly known as “middle class”.

3. quantum theory is rising, defining superposition, entanglement and interference as the pillars of our strengthened technocratic religion strategy. Supercomputing and superconductivity are the superheroes called to enforce this tactics of mass distribution to the meanders of our disparagement. Adding to hydrogen, the monopoly of graphene and lithium will be the bases of our own polytheist financial oblivion as a global culture dedicated to hoarding resources.

4. anthropology, ethnography and social theory (AESTH) as a whole is more and more disseminated outside the privileged circles of pseudo intellectuals and academic tycoons. Large bodies of knowledge are increasingly available through social media and public infrastructure, thus giving all the possibility of information, interpretation and training. ETHICS play a fundamental role explaining why no one cares, or participate and is not at all a carrier of our spacetime as a global culture. This collective lack of individual positioning affects moral and will decay into the universal norm giving colonised thought enough context to bloom.

5. pandemic as an igniter makes nationalism a catalyst, and we found the epistemologies of conflict among the rise of nations, groups, classes, race, regions and countries. This religion of economic proportions disseminates the prejudice of divisions and individual collectives as if we are all born equals only to be limited to the space we are allowed to live in. This lack of relation with the anthropocene is beating our personal shores, eroding the process of self knowledge, removing therefor the most basic form of construction, free instinctive wandering.

I take this opportunity to invoke my inner oracle, ontologically connected to the poli dimensional movement I am able to represent in your immediate reflexion. This/my way of looking into the how to be, condensed in a manner of what to be, stepping back within the conundrum of who to be, when we are preferably related to what we do, justifies the vision of decline, of meta erosion, of methodological decay and proclaims the virtuous claim of a revolution. The exchange for another new, a status, is now still a prevolution, capable and ready to be made real, inside the theory of position and omnidiretional thought.

— the monstruktor


February 15, 2021