I am a “pair” of myself : as an artist I thrive on the intertwined vision of critique and constructive timeless denial. As a scientist I analyse methodologically the outcome of that position as a constant experiment on life itself.

But, as a human I am responsible to prosper and evolve. I have embedded my practice with the notion of procedural systems and of interacting bodies of decision and self awareness. As an author I consume those results with the liquid proposition that everything real is a construction of a historical chronological reality, binary and segregatory by nature.

As an amateur, I proclaim my main interest as relying on the biological rehabilitation of the border between heritage and ethnography + anthropology through the stopping motion of awareness. This is not done though any other living organism than ourselves but includes everything around us.

As a bohemian researcher I keep exploring the dependant states of humans beholding culture, self construction, in which we witness simple things as a collective become a unit and act within compulsory social replicancy, promoting the lack of will, opinion, critique all as a motive to decelerate evolution itself – Darwinistically opposed to regressive behaviours I aim at providing the tools to purge our own self from the anthropogenic reality in which we are supposed to embody human evolution. We can only change what happens to us when we acknowledge what happens around us.