Polinary state, June 8, 2020

” We are either for or against, pro or contra, agree or disagree…!
Consider this : you are 50% predictable and so is the other part.
Consider this : do something innovative, unexpected, arrogantly humble and simple.
Consider this instead of numerous predictable actions, mostly historically based point of views immediately obsolete from the start, in which you can only state the obvious. Everybody knows the outcome of our actions by now. We have sufficient data to know the result of most of our behaviours and yet we keep expecting a different result repeating over and over the same procedure…
For a moment, think on how you can stop racesexgender discrimination, inequality, privilege, patriarchy, etc… with something as simple as a whisper, inaction, color, overall kindness, rest, ecology, pedagogy and most of all with proper training!!! … An infinite number of advanced techniques of human and social engagement with one another instead of the usual escalation of despair and aggressiveness.
Take a step back, or even better, take a steep without any known direction and stop. Think ominously and reflect on that sensation of engulfing the energy from life itself just to give it all away! Once, to the ones who are not yet prepared to know how to receive it ( or achieve it ) and repeat till the day you become dust.
Rest, and become an agent of the unknown, of the absence of classification.
Binary is not enough to make it worth.
Evolve into the polinary state of your self.


In this recent critical analysis about the states of the emitter/receptor/emotional message, one can >position< itself individually in a collective sphere of influence but also of absent creative participation. I propose through >recognition< that we find what we are searching for, interpolating individual and collective >expansions< embedded in the biological connection our ethics have with the Anthropocene. We have to achieve an amateur >pedagogical< context, by introducing core technical arguments such as heritage/ethnography/anthropology in our politics of commission and creation. Curation has fallen into the art of deception, hoarding states of perception and intellectual manipulation in a patriarchal state of ironic sympathy. Only by proposing new states, favourable unequivocally to integration-participation, can we refurbish our dissociation with the intrinsic value of art and culture, change. A solution can present itself in many different frameworks, but solving problems universally with new rules is not my preferred choice, but rather a universal toolkit for solving individual problems, unclassified and omnidirectional, without any given origin except the relation each individual has with himself, the problem and the collective.

This inherently translates my vision for the evolution of the politics of production, for not only the design community, but also to definitely propose the decision process as a >methodological system< of creation through decision, for all. I am asking for your knowledge in order to align these strategies of awareness into political tactics of activation.

An opportunity of re significance through this context of pandemics and global questioning is visible in the realms of art and culture that must be potentiated through the most important instrument of communication and design, our intellectual habitat.