What makes us a bit more aware of life isn’t the quantity of things we accomplish but the simplest moments of reflexion, in which we can sit back, enjoy and relax, life itself.

Almost redundant, this is a statement specifically adequate for these days, this dormant days when a game is being played but nobody knows the rules of engagement, and the half-part is nowhere near the peak of personal enlightenment.

Maybe I am overrating the need to know and be ( myself ), but I cannot foresee a more important time for that than now.

I can only digress myself from the present in order to evaluate/relate my own absence of union/realtion with humanity. And for that, I feel myself diverting from the bases and the truest chores of a nostalgic past… made from the simple moments alone, with a now unachievable notion of care and truth, a powerful inner competence to others.

You may call it whatever you prefer, I call it being ready to it all. I am ready and distractions don’t affect what I am, sense and do. I am compulsive in feeding my core with care for others giving them always my full attention. I am real, true and to myself in that way of giving everything I got to others. This is why I keep getting disappointed with people. The ones who are not, and just because they get easily distracted…

I am, therefore distractions are not.

— the monstruktor


June 2, 2020