The adequate time for a global leap forward, concerning connection, awareness and solidarity. Made from the opportunity of our own available time to reflect, this peculiar event impacted the deepest core of the egocentric capitalist society and provided an insight on alternative paths to perseverance, prevalence and prosperity.

By any means short of humanistic values, my argument surely applies the rule of survival, instinct and evolution by reflecting on less, better and enough. People can decide (rather than be forced into), to practice the application of more, best, or in some cases luxuriously opulent ways of life.

This is innovation in its purest form and it’s being directed undifferentially at the global society as an homogenous mob of individual humans. Children, adults and elderly are being given differentials to deal with but the choice is not made by another human and that changes everything.

This common, resilient factor of union, brings us the presence of enlightenment in quantum states of etymological significance, and therefore must be united with our collective will to ensure equity, elegance and above all, dignity.

When the great depression brought us the viral spread of capitalism, almost a century ago, it would not foresee how this was an appropriate solution but nevertheless a temporary answer to a bigger conundrum of human proportions: how to thrive on adversity.

We, as a race, kind, generous and singular in each mitochondrial iteration for this centuries in which we are our own gods should stand still, enjoying the pendular momentum that brought us here, to this precise space time spark of history, and ignite our future with you, ourselves, in the broadest convocation of all of us. This must be made together, in all the different ways we have learned how to live, and live we must, learning how to die.

Thank you to those that came before me to enlighten my way of empowering awareness from deep inside my real core.