Evoking ontological habitats

Crossing places, spaces and time, a curious woman reflects on her own habitat. Is she alone?

Tentatively replacing the definition of habitare in an hysterical journey, a character experiences one timeline within a specific narratorial critic aimed at inverting the process of curation; another “character” enacts a contagion with propositions for a subliminar occasion on constructing new strategies deriving the projects into divergent naive tactics. Physically experiencing timelines, they are able to consolidate a cumulative result gathered from crossings and habitats.

By visiting key contexts as pivoting moments on the story, a character is tangential to her reflection on habitats and infers organic connections between concurrent timelines (story, characters, projects).

The result is a pedagogical insight about the manipulation of the methodological approach, where 6 chapters are subverting ontologically the unpredictable outcome from the contagion and a 7th chapter is the epistemological moment of contribution to any impact in such a queer future.

An ontological insight in to spatial existence from the internal dialogue of a curious woman leaving her own theological habitat + explosion: the death of mystery and engulfing other primitive shadows + stranded in time: this present loop as a conjecture of past epistemologies, discussing brutalism and postmodernism.

A detour nonetheless + subverting the known provenance of the inputs – in a six part symbiotic dialogue between the chapters of the book and the selected projects – the author navigates visibility ( taking part of the narrative, being the narrative and proposing a subliminar narrative ) inconspicuous even to the known characters of this story.

The house that feminism built: a classical habitat, manifestation of privileged modernism and the current inducing state of absent democracy + decolonization and the politics of creation within the ethics of being human and conditional relations.

Connecting time will not change the outcome of the future : her letter to Vitruvius + she’s not alone. She’s a physical result of the intersecting timelines, characters, habitats, works and uses her journey to engage a broader audience. She’s also the catalyst ( through her restless inconsequence ) that allows a definitive seventh chapter, presenting the bases for a future new liber to follow up on this story, provided from her letter to “ancient times”.

The constraints of dimensional thinking: libre in a time after the experiment, Earth +

10. Ego and me
09. Privately public and politics
08. On commissions and other ethical things
07. The ecology of briefing humans
06. Inherit heritage and techniques on knowledge
05. The process as an evolutionary system and methodology of indexation
04. On materials and sites, territories and one landscape
03. The ontology of spaces and dimensional things
02. On emotional Synaesthesia
01. Glossary of practices