A few, not many, but still a measurable account of things in me, have changed. Nothing new, nothing of any sort unique and specially nothing irregular. Some may even sound familiar, others may not but, this is something to declare, identify publicly and share.

The biggest one I can speak of right now is the evident and clear moment in which I have myself in a given context and realize my approach ( all actions and reactions, even the expected outcome of previous interactions and experiences ) have definitely changed, others. The inputs, the players, the value, the argument, every single factor is the same but, I, have changed them. I’m the same, they have changed. I’m doing things exactly in the same way, be it by routine or practice – even by acknowledgement of the fact I’m unable to deal with things I do not know anything about until the moment I have experience them in some sort – and then, if not me, they share and act as if they have purely changed.

Taking the appropriate place in the alignment they always had, keeping shape and conformity within my beliefs, being an indisputable characteristic of my character, defining a human as they always have, those things, didn’t changed, categorically.

I’m exactly where I standed before, only older and in control of a slightly adjusted self awareness. Of course, somethings in me progressed accordingly, therefore, I have changed, but the biggest change was the time and the experience I provided to others, thus changing them through my proximity and influence.

I, but irrefutably them, changed.

— the monstruktor


January 8, 2020