Funding papers

Is it preferable to get paid for something or to get something free of charge? How to finance research and keep your integrity intact – regarding privilege or precarity? How to build a notable mass of research/publication without institutional sin and influence? Which should be the correct approach to academic production and participation in paper development? Do Western society and academia accept this naive bohemian tactics?

I can argue that: if money is involved, either 1. the paper isn’t good/cientific/dogmatic enough or 2. the global capitalist ecossystem took the place of morally safe cientific and altruist act of share among peers…

Being sarcastic doesn’t solve a problem but if this is your problem you should, and according to preposition: 1. chill, change life and work somewhere else doing something different, maybe pursue a career in arts or even music (tcharammm) 2. strategically impose a set of unquestionable ecology standards in your own ecossystem of production and dictate unquestionable tactics of research from a self sustainable commercial practice.

Add institutional freedom to the equation and 99% of you will choose the 3rd way …

— the monstruktor


January 4, 2020