Plain, ignorant, intelectual, absent, religious, vain, followers, destructive, … All of them need to be judged, not morally as would be expected, but rationally : given an insight on themselves. Self centered, ego centric and dedicated to awareness as their own insight on how disturbing this words can be when we invert their applicability.

We are used to the words “think of/for the next…” but these are not fair words anymore as they keep denying the current evolutionary status of human kind : a new collective made of individuals.

We are no more a mob of mobs, identifiable either by race, color or creed. We are present as is the time we can identify as living in, unrepeatable, peculiar, singular – one of a kind. Why do we keep trying to compare ourselves to others and become an identifiable mass again and again? Even forcing others to become a part of our mass?!

I’m not proposing eremitage, absence or even reclusion, I’m just stating the obvious and condoning all those acts of togetherness, without a specific and clear egotistic goal as the motivation to those same actions. We simply cannot deal with ourselves in the first place and try to influence others in our insecure way of being.

People are not able to be alone anymore because that means being alone with themselves and this is the only theological conundrum to discuss, not the prevailing groups.

People lie. First to themselves, then to all who choose to hear them, therefore the problem isn’t the result of the lie but the behaviour prior to the event. I don’t believe in prevention, I believe in culture and education, social training ( if you can cope with the definition ) then if one can be truthful to himself he will not promote any type of lie to others.

In a perfect world I would be just another human, a egossencial and simple one.