This is how a non binary, feminist, deprogrammed, social, Marxist, nihilistic, radical and extremist, probably violent reactionary would like to apply as a classification to all humans them/they don’t see as equals.

Privileged white male, binary, living in a heteropatriarchal social-political context, non-vegan and capitalist. Part of a programmed, western educated, endemic discourse and sistemic view of the world – flat by the way. Agent and defender of colonisation, precarious work and insignificant labour, migration opposer and fascist.

This is in itself a binary approach and I don’t agree with this imposed view of the world. We don’t have to choose between being right or wrong in some particular perspective or doctrine just because we were born into this world.

There’s even more states/stages of presence/absence people can relate to than this supposedly non-binary movements can foresee. People rarely shift to the multiple dimensions in which we can live in, or upon, or within, without the need to comply to a specific side or even take part of a specific context.

My poli view of biological life and concurrent human function, materialises in the form of nothing, except my own way of being alive while complying with some objective concepts of human interactions. Choices are the defining moments when actions are the presence of flesh in the conscience of human minds.