After some insight over colors named after people there was this immediate urge to write about MONSTRUKTOR’s own identity. It’s characteristic black and blue hues have always been the most notable features and is indeed the deepest visual and intellectual representation of the author besides the name itself — the MONSTER that builds up creative content.

The mesh and the ambience that results from black and blue is a sensitive and very personal interpretation for the author. The blue ( to be more specific ) has such a big impact on the identification of this MAN that is already treated as the MONSTRUKTOR blue. It represents the purest form of a pigment that seeks and finds beyond any doubt the richness of its visuals.

From Klein’s synthetic ultramarine pigment we felt in love for this sort of mangetic color hues that look too odd, too beautiful, too brighter for our human perception. So, how deep is BLAUSTRUKTOR?

azurite . mineral copper via wikipedia

MONSTRUKTOR’s blue has the right amount of texture, deepness, density, equilibrium, madness, calmness, respect, form, meaning and so it goes like this :

through the night i found all colors combined as one
millions of spectrums revealed as an octopus to me
an open shell that still feels like a black hole
a place for my name, for my form, for my understanding, for my authorship
this is the blue in which i painted all my body and all my soul


MONSTRUKTOR’s blue . 072C via studium

texto de awcat . Catarina Rodrigues . curadora