“Instead of moving on, we should be moving forward.”

That’s what I have learned in a recent talk/podcast – with some examples being given on how humans are kept from certain alternatives – about surpassing pain when they face loss or any type of adversity.
I learned that this type of conditional behaviour has to do more with the expected outputs people have on how to deal with some types of emotional stresses, than from finding a true meaningful solution for each one’s way of dealing with the “problem” at hand.

People keep a specific type of r(e)actional consistency at hand. It’s useful and practical for a broad range of problems. It solves all kinds of doubts about how to deal with death, dispair and parting love ones. Still it’s just a general solution, generic and absolute, unrelated to a specific context and engagement of any sort.

I see myself in a specific context about age, mental health and social interactions. I am now an older guy, attracting younger people, who find intellectual development ( and of course, some sort of physical connection ) as an attractive biological characteristic. Those sapiosexual beings, man and woman, are coherently dealing with my existence, between self atonement and dazzled admiration. That’s how they move on, not forward, from the interaction that changes their view of themselves forever, from the relative interaction with me.

Moving on, relates to a time-space event from which you separate yourself when building a nostalgic memory. Moving forward, relates to the learning experience from that same context while carriyng it forward, almost like a rite of some kind.

Neither is acceptable, in my view of a simplified human existence. Whe don’t need to stand on something as much as we don’t need to carry our construction with us as a record of experience. Then…

Thriving is that simplification! From whatever the experience we might have we should thrive. Meaning, we are insightful enough to enlight our own existence, and therefore able to contaminate the view others have of our life and supposed experience. This is always a polar condition of acceptable relational continuum : they either keep close for more or run away from fear of that unknown simplicity and misunderstanding.

In the end, they all fall in love, with my simplified view of life learning how to die. That’s why I’m a vague conundrum for some and a stranded man for the ones who see the beauty about thriving into conditions and not out off them.