My negative print

The hand, approachable at arms length – a natural and regular distance from the mind – resolved a series of necessary tools to express our presence as humans. From those early insights at Lascaux, I question myself on how the finger, the mind and the medium connected. Most of all how this provided us a reasonable definition of art.

Inventing nothing is the expression that only a master would use – and acutely disdain from his own creations. As a matter of fact everything we can appreciate from that enlightened moment on, is nothing but the eternal proclamation on how to propose authorship and originality over and over again.

Art is itself a proclamation, a statement, no matter how bold or how discrete and can relate only to the position of the productive being, in contact with the normalised world.

That’s why our present take on intelligence and awareness is a dichotomous anecdote we keep telling and pushing as an example of creation – to art students, other artists and even ourselves – without compromising on the responsibility of art as a production, still repeating itself from the initial enlightened expression at the cave.

I condone the expressive and apparently free artist, who creates and influences without responsibility and even self awareness.

Liability is art’s biggest power, critic, curator and artist.

— the monstruktor


June 29, 2019