Simplicity, as the mean to achieve a resolute answer, is not a comforting word. It may seem easy or even simple but I can assure you that it has the weight of self intolerance within.

As a measure it’s a definite ambition, without reach except for the use of a supreme sacrifice, material or intellectual, towards an endangered classification as abnormal and inhuman in the eyes of others. As a class, retains as a practice the unattainable spectre of universal access by the lack of proper definition in daily life by commons.

Provided inside the meaning comes a misleading notion of less, few, a minor quantity or quality of something and the easiness of access. Wrong is not enough of a word to describe the depth of this mistake. Simplicity is the ultimate deconstruction, only the visible part of the concept most people think as achievable by assuming less is more. They are wrong.

More is what’s included in the methodology of the supposed less.

Example: I have, for a long long time now, being able to simplify my life in relation to knowledge and cientific research, therefore I “know” less? Of course not, the fact I can propose this simple question reflects the rational abstraction, trained and absorbed as a practice, to affirmatively say I live embedded in simplicity.

Definitive answers are broadly mistaken by the same people who take them as providence. People search for the easiest path, the one of least resistance and of inhuman course of action. They facilitate the extinction of intrinsic characteristics in human evolution as curiosity, trust in exterior knowledge, and detract the mundane by not focused on nothing more than their own (unknown?) faults. A specialist is a specialist and should be able the be taken as the unmistakable figure of knowledge and simplicity. He is there to simplify the access to something I, as an outsider to his knowledge, must accept as true and a valid ally of my specific need. That is not the case in most situations, as you are mislead to BELIEVE in the specialist rather than to TRUST in the specialist.

This are the moments in which addiction comes to mind and reveals people’s false faith in your own competency, character, humanity.

Wouldn’t it be so simply to compromise ourselves with what we truly want others to see in us? Why are people so complicated while believing otherwise?

The answer lies in simplicity and the lack of it, therefore.