Resolutions #1

Give a fresh look at your life.

Start by the less important and easy things you can think of (are they?) like, your supposed style.

Give away all of your clothes, all! Including good, clean and unopened underwear. Coats, shoes, shirts, pants, everything. Select the unusable ones and send it to the recycling bin. Collect the good ones and inside a competent travel bag(s), give it away. It will surely be apraised by someone.

Consider the gift with the care it deserves, as it arrives at a new place, helping new people and fulfilling old necessities. Do not sent any disdain and/or self pity with the items, as they will rotten the virtue, and leave a putrefact smell of the always present social values with it.

It will make you feel better than using those same luggage for travelling around the world, just because moving through the thought of human kindness and generosity will engrave inside of you the best memory of another place you can think of.

— the monstruktor



September 3, 2018